Little information about the avocado grafting

In day we will talk to you briefly about the art of grafting trees. Considered one of the oldest arts that man first observed in nature. Properly heard. First the nature of the first-applied and then adopted the man! The grafting is the art of the compound parts. The trees in such a way to “stick” to each other and to grow as a single tree. The vaccine commonly sting or inoculum is appropriate small piece. Usually bark with eye or bud, that when touched -efarmosei, on another tree (subject) and grows a new tree.

Underlying call the tree that is placed in the bowl. It consists of the radical of the body or part of a seedling (wild) or clonal subject. Εg by grafting onto which is grafted our variety. Cambium is the cell layer between bark and wood multiplied produces inner timber and outer shell. Vaccination produce our fruit trees of preference depending on the tree size. Κarpoparagogis, disease resistance, the replacement of new varieties etc.

Subjects and Vaccination Information

Spur (grafting) avocados information. The “subject” is an important part of the plant. Provides the root system and trunk to reach the variety by grafting. There is variety in them. As they can belong either to the same species or related species in the bowl. Propagated by seed or cuttings or tissue culture subjects. Subjects Avocado. The Topa Topa-varieties, Mexicola, Yama, Ganter and Duke used as a source of seeds for subjects. Topa – Topa. It is used in large scale for the subject. Mexicola. Used subject. Yama Ganter and Duke. To subject to Used a limited extent .

The art of vaccination, the time of vaccination, the appropriate slips, certification of vaccine. The weather conditions, suitable temperatures are some of the factors that influence the success of a vaccination. Finally, we should not ignore the experience of being vaccinated as a very important factor for the success of grafting. Your informational recommend the spring vaccinations (May, April) with vegetative bud (eye). It is the ideal season for citrus carob trees. While the summer vaccination (June July) we recommend vaccinations nurseries for the production of annual seedlings.

Spur (grafting) avocados information. vaccination avocado

Avocados are Namely ideal months for vaccination is September and October with enofthalmikous vaccinations and sleeping eye “T”. (Beware the variety presents Iass ofthalmoptosi) . The tools you need for vaccination is a knife with a curved tip. Or straight blade depending on the type of vaccination that you choose. An ointment (mastic) vaccination to prevent the tree wounds, plastic bands (rubber bands). Or the adhesive plastic (Tellos electrician), plastic twine and finally a transparent plastic film of polyethylene.

Years ago, when a new plantation Avocado arrived in America, vaccinations were not given importance to the subject. Philosophy to emerge Ana nursery avocado with vigor and health. Time Over, unfortunately, they appeared on some plantations soil diseases such as Phytophthora cinnamomi or Rosellinia necatrix. Symptom root rot produced by fungi and result in tree death. Remember sapiloriziasma ours? All this made the researchers to rethink the importance of the subject.

Main factors for a good vaccination

The “subject” is primarily responsible for the absorption of nutrients that will determine both the size of the plant. Such as the production and environmental adaptability is on, ie, soil, water and other environmental factors. This will determine the morphology of fruits and trees and their longevity. Another important element to be considered should be the relationship of the subject. With variety so that ships can transport them safely and juice can be moved fluently. Without herpes or fungi in both directions.

Order Planting: 6 x 6 m. interim accommodation for 15/17 years and certainly 8,60 x 8,60 m. 
All varieties and subjects that we offer to our nursery have been rigorously tested in our land. We aim to provide accurate advice for you to choose in each case the varieties and the “subjects”. That are best suited to the specific characteristics of the seat of your country. Strictly control the production process. Which allows us to guarantee the authenticity of the variety of plants and sell them arrive to you. In the best plant health conditions and provide the appropriate certification

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avocado clonal rootstock plants nursery price Grafting Avocados Information etc,Chania in Crete,2020 avocado,prices,avocado clonal rootstock plants nursery europe

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