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The Avocado flowers are hermaphroditic. Main way pollination The avocado is of “stafrepikoniasi” . Transfer of pollen The flowers from avocado flowers in a variety of different variety of the same or related species called “stafrepikoniasi” .

The avocado flowers are usually created from November to July. Above the spring is usually in the spring and most every 2 year. The exact flowering time is determined depending on the variety avocados. Climatic conditions and territorial competence of cultivation.

Flowering avocado

The fact is that most varieties Avocados are actually a large number of flowers. But typical varieties such as Mexico and their respective hybrids. (Flowers avocado – Pollination)

It is a fact that in a flowering period of an avocado tree can generate up to one million. Unfortunately most of the flowers are eliminated and only few of them eventually create wrist. Statistics a bit rate of less than 1 % create flowers and fruits for a good production.

(Flowers avocado – Pollination): If the flowering period, the weather conditions are not appropriate to be outshone the flowers. They are rejected and fall. Of course there are, however, some “eyes” beneath the original inflorescence that can create other inflorescences. Thus extending the time period of flowering.

The activation of the second row of fruit “mesh” is only a few weeks before anthoforiaavokanto uses

When avocado culture and after flowering and after pollination and fertilization respectively done normally. The “eyes” which are below the inflorescences, discharged tumbling.

Therefore, the Avocado tree blooming only during the main flowering season. Because the other eyes that are new vegetation process, do not produce blooming out of season, like citrus fruits.

Pollination Avocado

In avocado cultivation of the avocado tree flowers exhibit specificities and differences from the flowers of other plants or plants.

(Flowers avocado – Pollination): The fundamental difference, determined in the operation mode of hermaphrodite flowers of avocado.

Simply put each avocado flower behave differently during a growing season. As either female or a male.

Usually the flower of avocado during life opens twice.

A guy Avocado – Avocado Flowers – Pollination

The first time you open a feminine flower between midday and afternoon to evening functions as active female. With his mark for receiving pollen from other flowers avocado. The flower of avocado that functions as female remains open only for 2-3 hours and then closes. Whereupon remains substantially closed until the next day. The next day morning the flower of avocado opens for the second time. Acting as a male, this means that the stamens of the flower are now mature and can release pollen.

The second avocado flowering stage is different from the first. Because the stigma of the flower pole has reduced dark coloring and appears withered. On the other hand, three inner stamens are located near the position of the flower. The other six form form together with the post an angle approximately like half proper. Activation of the avocado as a male flower lasts only a few hours. Since then closed and never reopened.

As for pollination and fertilization of avocado, identified in two categories.

On avocado varieties of the first category in which the first opening of the flower functions as female. Performed the morning of the first day. The second opening serves as arsenic is the afternoon of the next day. In practice the time defined between the two openings of the avocado flower is about 36 hours.

B type Avocado – Avocado Flowers – Pollination

Avocado varieties in the second category ie B TYPE, quite the opposite. The first opening of the female flower is performed in the afternoon of a day. The second opening of the flower arsenic performed the next morning. Between the time The first and second of the avocado flower opening, is around 20 hours .

Among two types / categories A & B of the avocado tree ensure stafrogonimopoiisi. The two cross-pollinated flowers of avocado have the following sequence:

morning                                                      Afternoon

A Flower  Formula Female Male

B Anthos Type Male Female

The most popular way to pollinating crops – crops avocado is stafrepikoniasi,

There are several important factors that influence stafrogonimopoiisi . It is possible long blooming period and fluctuations of temperature. Which results in both opening or closing stage of the flowers can occur simultaneously. The avocado tree of the same variety, simultaneously open flowers appear in female and male type. This enables fertilization between flowers of the same variety or the same tree.

The main varieties produce large amounts of pollen. Which is primarily carried by the bees and other insects in the position of the flower. Which develops when the outdoor temperature is greater than 5 ° C.

To ensure good pollination and fertilization of flowers of avocado, key factors are:

■ Otherwise a sufficient number of bees to transfer pollen

■ Provide concurrency flowering of avocado varieties of type A and type B

■ Do avocado varieties are type A and type B in the plantation

■ Do no suitable climatic conditions for the above processes

The avocado crops should be located away from crops of oranges.Especially citrus fruits, bees prefer flowers of oranges and citrus in general instead of avocado flowers.

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